Brochures / Pamphlets / Leaflets / Flyers

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Brochures / Pamphlets / Leaflets / Flyers
Brochures / Pamphlets / Leaflets / Flyers


Brochures are a cost effective tool to effectively showcase your services, products, and offerings. They may be compact but they pack a lot of information making them perfect for point-of-sale, mail-outs, trade-shows, take-out menus, marketing campaigns, etc.

We offer a variety of paper stock up to heavy weight gloss with several folding options. (Note: Flyers are typically defined as brochures that are not folded). Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Full Colour
Black & White
Single Sided
Double Sided
Variety of Sizes
Z Fold
Half Fold
Roll Fold (Tri Fold)
8 Page Fold
Double Parallel
Variety of Paper
Matte / Satin / Gloss / High Gloss

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